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Are you a Glass Blower and have product you want to sell, but no time to mess with a web site or setting up a shopping cart? BigShotGlass can handle that for you. It's easy! Just answer a few questions when you sign up and that's it! BigShotGlass will provider you with you very own eCommerce web site that is custom built for you. No need to worry about setting up Merchant Accounts and such. Everything is handled on the web site for you. The order is placed on your new eCommerce web site. Then the order is sent directly to you to make/ship to the buyer. Then every 7 days you get paid. No long term hassle waiting for your money.

Want more sales? More exposure? BigShotGlass specializes in all of those things! When you join BigShotGlass, your products will be available to everyone who visits. All Merchants can easily be found from our Merchant Locator on the main page. It look like the You Are here... board at the mall. Buyers have full access to all the Merchants, which in turn increases your overall exposure. Build new business connections networking with other Artists. Collaborate on larger projects. With BigShotGlass, the opportunities are limitless.

The benefits of using BigShotGlass...

  • More time for you to design new products
  • More exposure
  • More customers
  • More sales
  • New business connections

...and here's a few things you won't have to do...

  • Don't have build a web site
  • Don't have to search for hosting for your web site
  • Don't have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars for an eCommerce web site
  • Don't have to go back to school to learn how to run your eCommerce shopping cart
  • NDon't need to worry about your web site being up or not
  • Don't need to worry about trying to get more sales
  • Don't have to worry about collecting money

With BigShotGlass, you just have to Design, Manufacture, Ship and get paid! Run into problems? Not to worry as our technicians are ready to handle your problems. Have a question? Just ask them anytime. We are always here to help with any questions or problems you may have.

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